he·li·ot·ro·pism (noun)

1. the directional growth of a plant in response to sunlight; 2. the tendency of an animal to move toward light

My name is Umbreen. I am a child and family photographer based out of Logan Square in Chicago, IL. As a natural light photographer, I am obsessed with seeing, finding and shaping light. I work on location in your home or at an agreed upon public site.

I have been interested in photography since I received my first camera when I was eight. As a child, I dreamed of traveling and taking pictures for National Geographic. The happy collision of the advent of digital SLR cameras, the birth of my first child, and my professional growth as a journalism and photojournalism instructor have led me to work on developing my knowledge and skills as a photographer in recent years.

My day job and calling is working as a high school English and journalism teacher in the Chicago Public Schools. This career inspires and influences my photography work. I enjoy being around people and find that I am able to make children and adults alike feel at ease during photo sessions. My career also influences my style as a photographer. I lean towards what is known as lifestyle photography, a movement based on documenting moments out of everyday life. More than anything, I like to take pictures that tell stories.

My own children have been the primary characters of my visual stories as I have been developing my skills. I look forward to capturing the moments of your lives as well.